Andrea Beers Consulting is available to conduct “Lunch N Learn” sessions, seminars for your clients, targeted skill development sessions for your staff and executive coaching.



HR Specialties Seminars

Seminars provide a valuable tool for further education on topics not effectively covered by traditional educational institutions.  


Educational content created specifically for your business and fits within your culture. Every seminar I do is custom created for the client at no extra charge.


Seminars are forums in which issues are raised and explored, but not necessarily resolved; they require you to think, to practice the skills of analysis and synthesis, and by doing so, possibly leave with more and better ideas than the ones with which you came.


Seminars are collaborative adventures that require everyone's participation and ideas.


Ask anyone why they don’t like going to seminars and their reply will always be the same, “I hate getting those looooong sales pitches.”  I never make a sales pitch every seminar is about addressing a specific need in your business. It’s about you; not me.


Top 10 Reasons to host an in-house seminar:

  1. Brainstorm your ideas and get immediate feedback
  2. Hear the same information you might know already but from a different angle from a different speaker so that you have an even better understanding of the topic
  3. Allow time for creativity by getting away from your daily routine and working “on” your business instead of “in” your business
  4. Get answers to your business questions and challenges
  5. It’s a tax write-off
  6. Teach others what you know about your topic as part of the audience helping those around you
  7. Recognize areas of opportunity that your business could be taking advantage of instead of being content with stagnation
  8. Imagine the possibilities if you were to implement even 10% of what you learned at the seminar
  9. Diagnose problem areas in your business because a speaker went through or knows another business that the same problem
  10. Observe audience reaction to the topics presented so you can see what your employees are really interested in